Sub-critical Extraction of Low Molecular Weight Organic Compounds using Liquid Carbon Dioxide Transferred to M/s. Aromatrix Flora Pvt Ltd., New Delhi

The state-of-art extraction plant uses CO2 as a solvent under ultra-high pressure up to 435 Bar for extraction of active ingredients from natural plant material, including hops. This plant is the first of its kind to be setup in India. The plant also make other value-added hop products.

A novel Rust inhibiting composition and primer coat thereof Transferred to M/s. Multi trade Transactions & Sol. Pvt Ltd

This latest rust treatment technology uses water as a medium top to penetrate the porous rust and react directly with it to form an inert, organometallic complex and this convert rust to stable surface/reforming it. This not only eliminates all traces of rust on the surface but from within tool. The material thus treated does not require repeated treatment for rust prevention and hence giving protection for much longer period of time.

Fasteners for irreversible locking Transferred to M/s. Serampore Industries Pvt. Ltd., USA

A novel device for irreversibly locking underground pipes used for various applications. The device is a much cheaper version of the many complex designs used for interlocking of pipes. The device however is more robust and is a permanent solution for irreversible locking applications.

Bamboo solutions for solar roofing Transferred to M/s. Vin Poly-additives Pvt. Ltd.

Solar Flat Plate Collector for light weight photovoltaic applications. The collector having multiple bamboo splits/slats connected to each other in parallel such that their concave surfaces face one side and are provided with a water (thermic fluid) proof layer. The latter layer follows the contour of the concave surfaces of the bamboo slats. The concave surface side is covered with a flat metal sheet so that between the metal sheet and the bamboo splits/slats, multiple channels, nearly parallel are formed through which the thermic fluid can flow.  Alternatively, successive parallel channels may be provided so as to form a meandering channel for transferring solar thermal energy to the thermic fluid.

Processes for Polymeric Compositions for Use As Internal lining material for Seepage Prevention Transferred to M/s.Tektiv Design Labs. Pvt. Ltd.

Novel polymers and composite materials with excellent anti-seepage properties and with high puncture and impact resistance for applications in tough and abrasive surface conditions viz. canal lining, roof top tanks etc.

Simple yet elegant solutions for the visually disabled. Transferred to Pheonix Medical Systems Pvt. Ltd.

SmartCane uses ultrasonic sensors to detect obstacles within a distance of 3 metres and conveys information about the distance through distinct vibratory patterns.  The sensor based cane-mounted device for the blind or those with severe visual impairment.  The device mounted on top of the cane senses any obstacle approaching the person and sends alarm signals depending upon the speed of the invading obstacle.  The cane also has many value addition features which very sensitively addresses the mobility requirement of the blind viz. waist above invasion, side invasion and so on.

An apparatus for rapid and mass decortication of oil fruits / seeds for extraction of essential oils.Transferred to Swaraj Herbal Plants Pvt. Ltd., Barabanki, UP

Fruits and seeds like the ripen karanja pods are flat and elliptical in shape, about 5-7 cm long and enclosed one or two kidney shaped brownish red kernels. The dried pods are usually split with hammer or a stick and the shells are removed by winnowing.

A small, continuous machine specially designed and constructed for decortications of Karanja fruits has been done and evaluated for performance parameters. The mechanics of Karanja fruit decorticator include centrifugal and impact force.

Improved Design of a RF Magnatron Holder for efficient electro/ plasma deposition of flouroscent materials. Transferred to M/s. Vacuum Equipment Co., Noida

A new design for a RF magnetron holder which is meant for RF sputtering based coating applications. The coatings are dense, homogeneous and adhere well to the substrate. The coatings are very thin in nature (1–10 microns), with a deposition rate in the order of 1.0–1.5 microns per hour.

Zerodor- A novel Sanitary fitting/ trap for Odourless and Waterless disposal of Urine and for urine harvesting. Transferred to M/s. Goodyield Environmental Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Kolkata M/s. Money Plant Essentials Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore

Zerodor sizes could vary as required. Can also be fabricated in polymeric materials also and they would be much lower in cost. If traps are manufactured locally, would cost approx. INR 300 ($6) if made of metal and INR 100 ($2) if made of polymeric material. There are no consumable / replaceable parts required. All parts are serviceable and reusable. In the long run, this is a much cheaper option than others and is comparable on performance too.

A Piezo-Based Hammer to measure the impact characteristics of each blow. Transferred to M/s. Inov, New Delhi

The instrument is meant for making objective assessment of the impulse force transferred by the hammer for each blow made onto its target. The calibration of the device is done to meet the domain specific requirements. The display of the impact values of each blow could be in analog or digital form. The recordal mechanism can also be incorporated for obtaining a pattern/representation of the workmanship of an artisan over a given period.

Pilling Tester based on Digital Image Processing. Transferred to M/s Innovative Engitech (P) Ltd., New Delhi

The image processing based system measures the Pilling indices from various fabric parameters and compares them with a standard which stipulates the quality of the fabric depending on the measure of the indices of these parameters.

Drape Meter Based on Digital Image Processing. Transferred to M/s Innovative Engitech (P) Ltd

The image processing based system measures the Drape indices from various fabric parameters and compares them with a standard which stipulates the quality of the fabric depending on the measure of the indices of these parameters.

Pilfer proof, collapsible, hingeless, intralocking currency carrying FRP container. Transferred to Bank Note Press, Govt of India, New Delhi

A hingeless, secured and re-usable collapsible fiber reinforced polymer(FRP) container for transportation of high value materials of 50-200 Kgs replacing the use of wood in Transportation / packaging sector. The material of FRP was chosen to sustain impact loads and to withstand wear and tear during the life of the container. The key design requirements are to provide embedded provision in the panels for locking without any lock and key system and with a laser bar code marked wire seal insertion provided therein. The Design should also allow disassembling and assembling easily

Miniaturized Michelson Interferometer with three control variables & the same with coated mirror having integrated two level control variables. Transferred to M/s. NVIS Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Indore

A compact portable Michelson Interferometer device with two or three levels of controls developed for the purpose of obtaining fringe patterns for Research and industrial labs.

Device for measuring degree of tint/colour in Glass windows, pane etc.Transferred to Bureau of Police Research & Devt., New Delhi.

An automatic device to measure light transmitted through a medium like glass which works on the principle of transmission of light. The device is currently being used by Govt. of India to measure tint in car windows.

Disposable Blood Bags.Transferred to Peninsula polymers ltd

Blood Bags are disposable bio-medical devices used for the collection, storage, transportation and transfusion of blood and blood components.

High density poly ethylene Artificial Heart Valves. Transferred to Chitra TTK

An artificial heart valve is a device implanted in the heart of a patient with valvular heart disease. This invention relates to improvements in or relating to artificial heart valves which have a plate or disc mounted tiltably in a cage, which cage has an outer ring of a sewing component adapted to be secured inside the heart where required.

Rice Husk Particle Board.

The technology for manufacture of Rice Husk Particle Board, developed at the Indian Plywood Industries Research Institute, Bangalore, has emerged as one of the best solutions to this problem as it helps to maintain the Eco balance and preserves the eco-system. The process has been licensed to several firms in India and a turnkey plant has been set up in Malaysia. The firm has also produced floor tile (out of rice husk), fire resistant doors, etc. having granite like finish. The licensee of the technology has helped to build up a large number of low cost houses after the Gujarat earthquake.