Product R&D Exchange Services

These include Contracting, Outsourcing, Promotion and Transfer of scientific and technical expertise and knowhow for developing new products and for their entry into newer markets;

We invite academic and research organizations to become our Institutional Partners to exhibit their novel Product ideas on this Exchange. We also invite Start Ups and Product Technology companies to become our Industrial Partners for developing Go to market solutions for these products.

CNPD – we help companies assess their skills and choose a new direction which utilizes the talents of the team and resources most productively.


Any Partner whether Institutional or Industrial  can avail of our TTO tie up services. A TTO tie up with CNPD enables academia to receive a constant stream of enquiries and Request for Proposals on their new product ideas from the industry, venture investors and technology rating agencies. Specific services under this scheme include –

–   screening of new and inventive ideas, patent proposals and ready     to publish scientific works;

– creating technology profiles, abstracts, exhibits etc for publicising tech. product inventions, prototypes and pilot setups;

– providing effective linkages to the industry for the purpose of benchmarking new technologies, building collaborations for transfer of knowhow and for soliciting corporate venturing;

These B2B services further extend to Incubators, Science parks, Manufacturing clusters and their Export oriented units.