Product Promotion and Customized Training Programmes

Promotion of new product ideas emanating from Entrepreneurs, Incubators, Start-ups and Product technology companies including Product training using simulation techniques and software in the areas of Industrial Product Design, marketing, regulation, standardization and compliance.

We promote products, new technological breakthroughs, inventions to interested parties that are willing to become stakeholders in their development and commercialization process. We help you align with the most relevant resource partner whether it is a Contract manufacturer in your sector, an angel investor or a product technology company that is soliciting corporate venturing inn your area of business.

We invite Academic and Research organizations, Start Ups and Product Technology Companies to join hands with us inhosting and staging theme based promotional events.

Our current focus areas include –

1. Food and Agricultural Technologies

2. Assistive technologies for the Disabled

3. Information Technology solutions for Manufacturing clusters

Our dedicated Product Promotional Services:

For each technology domain we provide the following customized services-

1. Complete Intellectual Property support solutions including product/ Patent Landscape Analysis.

2. Technology forecasting and assessment.

3. Technical Reports in areas of quality control, standardization, new market entry and product portfolio management.

4. Logistics and value chain collaborations for technology development and transfer.

We further provide Pre-conceptualized technology based business plans in our focal business areas; concepts that are ready for operation by entrepreneurs, comparative analysis by venture funds and as sample themes for corporate venturing. Concept papers in respect of each such focus areas can be found on our website.