Integrated Intellectual Property Solutions

These include creation of IP Instruments viz. Patents, Designs, Knowhow and Trade Marks for facilitating ready disclosures of product ideas for transfer and trade purposes.

Our IPR services for the Academia

Higher technical Universities and Research organizations can take pride in hand picking the ready to use facilities of our centers for securing immediate and hassle free filing of their Patent and Design Applications. These facilities include-

1. Conducting regular IPR Clinics to proactively invite students and entrepreneurs to disclose their technical ideas for patenting and other needful registrations;

2. On site signing of needful papers for the purpose of securing immediate first filing of the Patent or Design or Copyright Applications;

3. Maximum 10 days lead time for Patent Searching and all necessary prior art due diligence;

IPR services For the Industry

We invite our Industrial partners to disclose on our portal the technological problems that are challenging their R&D projects. This solicitation is made against guaranteed security of their disclosures that are protected not only under our public private key encryption protocol, we go one step further and provide statutory protection therefor by filing   a provisional Patent Application on a pro-rata basis in order to completely mitigate any risk of a third party encroaching the technological disclosure made on our portal.

For Public funded research organizations, PSUs etc. We also undertake turn key projects for expanding the horizons of techno-legal research solutions in the area of IPR and data mining including issues relating to setting up of IPR Cells, Incubation Centers and Tech. Transfer Offices.