About Us

Founded in the year 2007 under our erstwhile professional services banner “Protech Lawgics” that catered to Patent drafting and prosecution services for our esteemed clients in Industry and in Academia, the present center has been set up to broaden the scope of our Services to include our larger mandate of becoming a 360 degree service organisation to meet all business needs of academic start-ups, entrepreneurs and Product technology companies. This mandate is indeed a reiteration of our mission to provide under one umbrella, all such services that innovators need in order to take their ideas from validation to incubation and right upto the marketplace.

Our processes are designed to leverage upon the interdisciplinary nature of R&D product commercialization thereby substantially reducing the Complexity of steps to meet a Start Ups ‘Go to Market’ objectives. These processes aim for providing customized solutions that can be efficiently adopted to overcome any constraints in the way of making a cost effective and timely market delivery of a new product.

Our Mission

The mission of CNPDTT is to promote new technology products emanating from academia or from the Industry by way of Aggregation, Benchmarking and Standardization for facilitating their ready utilization by the Industry, Start -ups and Product Technology Companies.

Our Team

Our Team comprises members hailing from diverse professional backgrounds and who have made the most distinguished careers in areas of Technology Management and Regulation. We are consistently in lookout for such illusions persons who share our common vision and are willing to extend their hand in building the foundation for this benevolent cause.