Challenges and prospects in export of Agro products : India‘s experience across respective departments and sectors

On 9th June 2017, our founder member Mr. M. Mahajan attended the in-house joint meeting organized by the “Agricultural and Processed Food Export Development Authority” (APEDA), New Delhi. The meeting was jointly participated by all state units of APEDA over internet. The meeting hosted a lecture by Dr. Tamanna Chaturvedi, Asst. Professor Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT New Delhi).

The meeting was first of its kind in a series of lectures on Trade facilitation for entrepreneurs and product technologists. The first session dwelled upon the following issues:-

  • The use of the Harmonized System (HS code) of classification of goods for Export purposes;
  • The possible varieties of food types or their embodiments that exist for each class and category of Agricultural Products;
  • The various modes of entering foreign markets that a techno-entrepreneur can subscribe to by modifying , reprocessing, restructuring or repackaging an existing class of products in order to meet the requirements of both the exporting as well as  the host country trade regulations;
  • The Revealed Comparative Advantage (RCA) index for determining the efficacy of an importing country for commercializing a specific category of products;